We offer many varieties of CBD Oils, Hemp Extracts, CBD vape liquid, Vape Additives, prefilled vape cartridges, capsules, CBD crystals, CBD Extracts, CBD dabs, topical skin treatments, CBD pain relief patches, and many more Hemp Products.

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The Hemp Farmacy is another East Coast Hemp Company developed by Hempleton Investment Group, Inc.

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We are now licensed NC Hemp Aggregators, Licensed to Sale Seed and Clones, and also Farmers ourselves.


These products have not been approved by the FDA.  These products offer no promise of cure for any ailment, and are considered nutritional supplements.  Even though Hemp is just now reappearing in the American Landscape, Hemp Extracts have been used as a medical supplement as long as the human race has existed.  Please ,we encourage you, do your own research about Hemp prior to using our products.  The more you learn about the Hemp plant the more amazed you will be.

Welcome to the 1st Cannabis Dispensary in NC! 


117 Grace Street wilmington nc  28401 

We successfully imported the first "Certified" Hemp Seed through a DEA import into NC, in over eighty years!

​​More than just a DISPENSARY-

Introducing a unique shopping experience.

With a EDUCATIONAL Loft above the Farmacy with FREE classes and a Hemp Research Farm with Seasonal Events for Members.  See the process from the Farm to the Counter.   (910) 399.2587     (910) 769-2891